Tenant Background Screening For Landlords

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I, the landlord, hereby certify to Background Solutions Online, a company engaged in the business of procuring consumer reports for its clients that:
  1. Landlord desires to have a consumer report provided for the purpose of evaluating a potential tenant and for no other reason.

  2. Landlord will not request a consumer report for tenant purposes unless:
    a. The client has provided the applicant a clear and conspicuous disclosure explaining that a consumer report will be obtained for tenant rental purposes; and
    b. The applicant has signed the rental form or stand alone disclosure.

  3. Landlord will not take any adverse action against the applicant which is based, in whole or in part on the consumer report, unless either the client or Background Solutions Online provides the applicant or with:
    a. A written or verbal notice of the adverse action that is being taken;
    b. The name, mailing address, and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency that produced the report;
    c. A written statement explaining that the reporting agency did not make the decision to take the adverse action and is unable to provide the applicant or employee the specific reasons why the adverse action was taken;
    d. A copy of the report.

  4. Landlord agrees that he/she shall use the consumer report for a one-time use only and he/she shall Hold the report in confidence and shall not disclose it to any third parties who are not involved in the current tenant decision.
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Most rental applications already include a clause and disclosure that you, the landlord, are authorized to conduct background screening on the applicant (s). If you find that to be the case, then you already have the documentation required to conduct a background check on your prospective tenant (s):

If there is “NOT” a Tenant Release form on your rental application click here for a disclosure form. Fill it out, have it signed by the prospective tenant (s), and follow the instructions below on how to send it to us.
  1. Fax the signed rental application or disclosure to us at 239-593-0968


  2. Scan the signed rental application or disclosure and e-mail it to us at sales@backgroundsolutionsonline.com
Cost includes background screening on one applicant only.

Once we have received the signed rental application or release form along with your payment we will conduct the background screening. The results will be returned to you usually within a few hours via e-mail unless you request another method.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us anytime at 239-514-2940 or toll free 1-866-688-5123.

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